Dec 18, 2004

A bunch of fixes for MT 3.121

This entry introduces a bunch of fixes for Movable Type 3.121. The following is an aggregated patch for these fixes.

My intension of building this patch is just to fix *not-functioned* and *mal-functioned* features in Movable Type, and to make it work properly as possible. So, the patch does not include any function extensions or any arbitrary changes to the original version of Movable Type.

This patch is also applicable to Movable Type 3.14.

The patch details are shown below.

Perl Part

  1. Two "scrollbars=yes" sentenses appear in QuickPost bookmarklet.

    • lib/MT/App/
  2. In the comment preview page generated by mt-comments.cgi, MTIfAllowCommentHTML always becomes true.

    • lib/MT/App/
  3. mt_uri is hard-coded to "mt.cgi", but it should be subjected to the name of AdminScript.

    • lib/MT/
  4. MTCategoryCount in a MTSubCategories container includes the count of draft and future entries.

    • lib/MT/Template/

PHP Part (Dynamic Publishing)

  1. MTCalendarIfToday doesn't work.

    • php/lib/block.MTCalendar.php
  2. MTArchiveLink ignores archive_type option.

    • php/lib/function.MTArchiveLink.php
  3. Auto-Link URLs doesn't work in MTCommentBody.

    • php/lib/block.MTCommentBody.php
  4. <MTInclude file="filename"> requires a filename with a full path. It is preferrable that MTInclude looks for a file relative to the local site path.

    • php/lib/function.MTInclude.php
  5. MTRemoteSignInLink and MTRemoteSignOutLink doesn't make up with a trailing slash for CGIPath.

    • php/lib/function.MTRemoteSignInLink.php
    • php/lib/function.MTRemoteSignOutLink.php
  6. MTRemoteSignInLink ignores "require comment emails" option.

    • php/lib/function.MTRemoteSignInLink.php
  7. MTEntryLink and MTPermaLink tags, whose "archive_type" options are set to Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly or "Preferred Archive Type" is set to Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly, output wrong URLs.

    • php/lib/mtdb_base.php
  8. MTEntriesWithSubCategories does not include entries in subcategories.

    • php/lib/mtdb_base.php
  9. MTEntries ignores the default sort_order. And when both of sort_order and recently_commented_on specified, sorting order of entries should be always "descending order" irrespective of what is specified as sort_order option.

    • php/lib/mtdb_base.php
  10. MTComments ignores the default sort_order.

    • php/lib/block.MTComments.php
    • php/lib/mtdb_base.php
  11. In date-based archives, MTEntryCategory outputs wrong categories.

    • php/lib/mtdb_base.php
  12. convert_line_breaks rule is different from static rule, especially for <dl></dl>.

    • php/lib/MTUtil.php
  13. Sanitize rule "br /" does not work.

    • php/lib/sanitize_lib.php

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